The Wally Show is a seamless blend of high level circus skills and quirky comedy. Wally draws heavily upon his circus school education and addiction to juggling to create unique skills that are a combination of both manipulation, contortion and acrobatics.
His comedy is a perfect mix of slapstick and double entendre innuendo that keeps the kids giggling at oddball antics while adults chortle at the never ending stream of verbosity that pours from Wally's mouth. In 15 years of street performing Wally can't believe that he has never received a complaint even though by his own admission he sometimes does go a bit too far.
The breathtaking finale of The Wally Show is a real crowd pleaser. He is the only performer in the world working 4 metres in the air atop the footpegs of a freestanding ladder on the street. The trick is the hardest trick he knows and the culmination of his lifes work to date.....his mother is very proud!